Do you ever feel uncomfortable being in this moment?  Of being you?

Do you feel anxious, depressed, not good enough, unsure of yourself or threatened in relationships? 

Are you seeking better, more enlightened states because you are not connected with the peace that is available now? 

Do you feel like you are lacking something or that there must be more to life?

Let me help to guide you on a journey into your inner world where you can discover and release the stories and beliefs that keep you in bondage...


Imagine you are confined to a small room full of boxes, so many boxes that you cannot even reach the door to get out.  You feel uncomfortable and confined and you know you need to sort through them, but you are scared of what you will find inside.  So you leave them untouched and remain where you are, even though you are suffering.

Now imagine you have someone to help you open each box and gently go through the contents with you, allowing you to safely examine whatever you find and discard it if it does not serve you.  Picture yourself clearing away enough clutter to get to the door and let yourself out into a larger space, into the fresh air.  This space is your natural birthright and I can help you to access it with the Living Inquiries.

The Living Inquiries are an effective tool for helping you to become free of the limiting stories that cause suffering and seeking.  When you let go of these stories (the contents of those boxes) you experience more peace and less stress, better relationships, a reduction or elimination of addictive behaviors, and life moves more easily and effortlessly in general. The Living Inquiries, when you commit to them, can change your life and your perception of who you are in amazing ways.

I cannot imagine going back to the life I had before I started doing this work. I feel so much more at ease with myself, with others and with the world. I love being able to share the life-changing possibilities of this freedom with others.

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